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Koshika Krishna (She/Her) is a human rights lawyer and social activist from India. She holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Legal Science/ LL.B from the University of Mumbai and a master’s degree in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice from the SOAS University, London. She is the Founder of SEHER, (NGO) that focuses on addressing gender-based inequalities through advocacy and strategic legal interventions. SEHER’s advocacy engagement has directly impacted the lives of over 12,000 women and young girls across rural Maharashtra. The legal interventions have increased accountability, strengthened the rights-based approach in local government bodies, and led to gender-responsive and child-friendly policy changes across multiple states. She is a 2017 Resolution Project Fellow NY, USA, a 2018 ‘FundYourOwnWorth’ Awardee by the ICICI Bank, India, and a 2020 +1 Global Fund Awardee by the Roddenberry Foundation, Los Angeles, USA.