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Koshika Krishna is a law student pursuing her Bachelors in Legal Sciences and LL.B from the University of Mumbai. As an avid reader, a polemical writer and a social activist, she was titled the ‘National Youth Leader’ at the Indian Student Parliament in 2015 for her leadership and oratory skills. She is extremely passionate and active in the areas of human rights, especially women. For the past year Koshika has been working with India’s leading women’s rights lawyer ‘Flavia Agnes’ (Majlis NGO) in providing victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse with social and legal support. She has worked as an Online Associate through the United Nations Portal for the “PAJAAF Foundation” in Ghana, focusing on empowering woman through education. She has interned with the ‘Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission,’ a governmental body for the improvement of state policies. From being a blogger (The Organic intellectuals) and a columnist with The Logical India, to being published in leading national and international magazines such as TIME, Outlook and IndiaToday, Koshika has vastly advocated her views on many social and legal contemporary issues. She is currently petitioning in India’s tribunal courts on issues of Public interest such as increased security and disaster management provisions for the city of Mumbai.

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