Irfanda Odytia

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Irfanda Odytia





Irfanda Odytia was born at Ponorogo, Indonesia on 01 May 1997. Irfanda had a very early interest in technology and entrepreneurship. He pursues his passion by studying as a science major at Sampoerna Academy Palembang, Indonesia. Irfanda began to love and appreciate nature and the environment, community and society. During his senior year of high school, he started his community-based project in an elementary school placed in rural area of Indonesia. He began exploring the social behavior and expectations of children. Irfanda and his team were also awarded the Community Services winner last 2012. After making success in his community services, he began to explore national and international issues. He won some national English debate competitions. He was awarded as an Honor Student in Sampoerna Academy Graduation 2014. Currently, Irfanda pursues his career in Industrial Engineering of ITS, Indonesia. He went to Harvard National Model United Nations 2016 and was awarded as a Resolution Project Winner with his Wetland Furniture Project. Irfanda dreams to bring people closer to the future, where poverty disappears and glory is shining.