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Dorcus Kwagalakwe




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Meet Dorcus Kwagalakwe, she was raised in the unprivileged Ugandan community of Nabitete with her family of eight siblings. Her educational journey was not as simple as she had anticipated, but with the aid of her schools, parents, and scholarships, she was able to complete high school. Fortunately, she was selected as a MasterCard foundation scholar at United States International University, where she seized the chance to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, shattering barriers of circumstance. She is empowered by not only financial assistance but also a supportive environment that encourages development and learning. And so passionate about women’s empowerment and is now a founder of Empower Her Foundation.

Being surrounded by diverse peers from all around Africa has enriched her scholastic experience by exposing her to new viewpoints, and thoughts. The support has not only enabled her to access university education after a challenging hiatus but has also ignited a passion within me to give back. She wants to make a good difference in my community by utilizing the opportunities afforded by programs like the Resolution Project.