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Cyril Michino is the Founder and CEO of Zindua School, a social enterprise that seeks to decentralize access to quality tech education in Africa. His enterprise is among the pioneers of income-share agreements as a form of education financing in Africa’s emerging economies. He is particularly in charge of learning programs and works with expert technical mentors to tailor tech programs that aptly prepare learners for modern careers in technology. 

He is also currently an Economics and Computer Science student at Bocconi University, specializing in Decision Sciences (popularly known as Data Science). As an avid Data Scientist, he enjoys working on data projects with the Jumia Vendor Product Analyzer and the Kenyan Politics Monthly Sentiment Analyzer as his highlight projects. 

Finally, Cyril has gathered some impactful experience in business and technology previously working for Moringa School, Wharton Small Business Advisory Centre, and most recently Edutest Kenya.