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Guloba Ali is a third-year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy at the College of Health Science. He was born on Thursday, 05th-June-1997 in Kiseeata, a village, Kanywero Parish, Kayonza sub-county, Kayunga District, in the far central region of Uganda. He is a Ugandan by citizenship.

He was the spokesperson for the Youth with Mission-Kayonza, an association that aimed at empowering the youths and enhancing their economic development based on their creativities in the district, He is interested in agriculture mostly animals. He started rabbit keeping in S.4 on a small scale but due to the need to attend to academics, the progress of the business was very slow. He always liked to work with ladies in the various activities because they are easy to work with, very determined, and tend to be ignored in some bigger opportunities despite their capabilities and abilities.