Elizabeth Adikah

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Elizabeth Adikah




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Elizabeth Adikah was born to a very poor family. She became a school dropout at the age of 6 years after she lost both parents to a snake bite on their way from the farm. Later, at the age of 10 years, a member in their local church saw the potentials in her and decided to support her financially to return to school. Currently, Elizabeth is a student pursuing a Bsc. in Environmental Science at the University of Energy and Natural Resources located in Sunyani, Ghana. Her dream is to give back to society by providing the entrepreneurship skills training platform using the innovative methods of organic farming for the rural women unemployed and women who lost their small scale businesses due to covid-19. Poverty coupled with this pandemic is really impacting these women negatively resulting in malnutrition among children because parents cannot provide nutritious meals for their children. Children are becoming school dropouts because of lack of funds for their parents to secure for them learning materials to be able to engage in virtual online learning. Unfortunately, these women cannot exercise their rights due to poverty and most of them are victims of domestic and sexual abuses due to poverty. According to the local health directorate, there is a sharp rise in teenage pregnancies among teenage girls due to poverty. This is absolutely not the best choice for these girls hence my motivation to implement this project which will address these challenges.