Bhagyashree Birje

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, Bhagyashree is a tech enthusiast with a personality grounded in creativity and community. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence with a Master’s in Business Administration and Technology Management from NMIMS Mumbai, India, she hopes to pursue a career that blends the realities of business and AI.  […]

Tvisha Shah

Tvisha is pursuing Computer Engineering from NMIMS in Mumbai. She considers education to be the foundation of life, and wishes to guide the youth of India by encouraging education and facilitating career awareness through her venture, MAARG. She currently leads the MUNSociety of her university with over 150 members and a legacy of 10+ years […]


Maarg is a not-for-profit organization facilitating language-inclusive career awareness programs for Indian underprivileged students (grades 9 to 12) through peers and professionals who volunteer to provide free mentorship and resources in order to encourage full time and part time further education.

Tyran Chandler

J.Tyran Chandler is a student and politically minded organizer who uses his direct experience with poverty and disenfranchisement to influence his projects. As a student at the University of Michigan, he’s engaged in several different campus groups and innovator opportunities to create scaffolding around financial literacy for people who have not benefitted from intergenerational wealth. […]

Detroit Design & Technology, Inc

Detroit Design & Technology, Inc. is a Web3 company focused on privacy, control and interoperability, with the goal of developing an open standard centered around its identity authentication solution, Seeme.

Heritage Charity Foundation

Heritage Charity Foundation will combine organic farming and entrepreneurship training to create a practical and integrated learning experience for unemployed youth.

Elizabeth Adikah

Elizabeth Adikah was born to a very poor family. She became a school dropout at the age of 6 years after she lost both parents to a snake bite on their way from the farm. Later, at the age of 10 years, a member in their local church saw the potentials in her and decided […]

Jasmine Duncan

Jasmine Duncan is a young entrepreneur pursuing a BSc in Business Management Entrepreneurship at the University of the West Indies. Like many Jasmine planned to graduate college, work and attend university. However the harsh realities of unemployment prompted her to seek another source of income. Combining her love for the environment and art started two […]

YE! — Youth of Excellence

YE! Seeks to provide outreach and mentorship programs for young entrepreneurs and students who have left their schooling to equip them with the knowledge and skills to develop their businesses and grow personally. It also seeks to identify and disseminate information on jobs, scholarships, and business opportunities available to young people.

Ndyabawe Myres

Myres hails from the Kamwenge District in Western Uganda. Myres is the Founder of Rabbits For Education, a youth-led project that aims at training Pupils of Kabuga Primary School in Kamwenge on Rabbit farming, Cage making, distributing Rabbits to the public and also providing a market for the Rabbits as a way of empowering them […]