Beatrice Laker


Beatrice Laker





Beatrice is a twenty-year-old from Kitgum district in northern Uganda. She reflects a varied personality, ambition, and qualities of generosity and kindness. She got communication skills, creative thinking, and emotional intelligence. Beatrice is a full-time student, motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as she strives to become an outstanding and successful woman in today’s today society, with the definitive goal of becoming a professional psychologist and getting down to the communities to help people with mental health problems. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Social Sciences, majoring in psychology and minoring in gender studies at Makerere University.

Her passion is to fight to help reduce suffering and vulnerability in the face of adversity and ensure every one of them access to the basic needs of life and give psychosocial support. Through her passion for serving community and education, from an infant growing up, she has participated in many activities i.e. in the ECHO Club at her primary, was able to plant trees that
are still up to now, won many awards during several seminars because of excellent public speaking and writing. She was able to get a silver medal from a football competition at her high school and she was able to successfully complete her duties as a leader of the students. Above all getting a MasterCard scholarship at Makerere University, challenges her always to give back to the community.

She encourages fighting for what one desires and believes in and doing it through God because nothing is greater than him and with him everything is possible. She has kept a clean interest in reading, writing short stories and poetry, playing football, singing, and above all spending time with her loved ones.