Ravesa Bajo





A civil war survivor, a political refugee and asylum seeker who grew up in various European countries, Ravesa’s personal experience led her to develop a profound commitment to public service and social entrepreneurship. In her managerial capacities at the Mayor’s Office of New York City, Ravesa leads a citywide portfolio of initiatives to build effective civic engagement models and community impact studies in policy areas such as health, environment, senior, youth and immigration services. Prior to her current responsibilities, Ravesa advocated on behalf of NYC justice-involved youth, focused on education and empowerment of underprivileged students in South Side and West Side Chicago as well as conducted legal research in the fields of eyewitness identification and DNA testing access in U.S death penalty cases with The Innocence Project as a national Steamboat Scholar. Ravesa graduated from John Jay College with a B.A in Political Science, where she was a recipient of literary and leadership awards. In her free time, Ravesa volunteers as a College Success Mentor with iMentor, serves on the United Neighborhood Houses and Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center Junior Boards, runs charity marathons and self-studies Afrikaans.

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