Koffi Ahou Philomene Kouakou


Koffi Ahou Philomene Kouakou





Koffi was born and raised in Ivory Coast, in West Africa, where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Transportation and Logistics. She is an exchange student from the Community College Initiative Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State this year (2015) at Miami Dade College. She is pursuing her studies in Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship. Her devotion for her community, especially children, started when she was in high school. She believes that only education can change the path of her country stricken with poverty. She wants her community to profit from what she has learned through her experience in the United States. Upon returning home, she plans to establish “The Children’s House” in her hometown of Fresco, in South-western Ivory Coast, a community center where underserved elementary school children can have opportunities for success. Koffi’s motto is: “Gone there, done that, come back and make it happen.”