Emily Otoo-Quayson


Emily Otoo-Quayson





Emily Otoo-Quayson is a skilled communications and digital marketing professional, as well as a creative content creator and designer. She is a proud alumna of the Scholars program at KNUST, the Young African Leaders Initiative, and a Resolution fellow.

As a STEM researcher, Emily has worked on several impactful projects that utilize local resources. Notably, she engineered a zero cooling chamber storage system to combat post-harvest losses for market women, which was recognized as the best research work at the African Research Academy for Women.

Beyond her professional work, Emily is a passionate menstrual hygiene advocate and founder of the startup ERI, which provides menstrual hygiene education to girls every year. She also enjoys public speaking and has moderated and facilitated over 15 programs and conferences in the past year. Notably, she was honored to participate in a dialogue by ACET, hosting Professors from African universities, representatives from the World Bank, and inspiring youth activists.

In her leisure time, Emily is a creative soul who loves engaging with people.