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Bhavik Muni





Bhavik is a Master of Development Practice Candidate at UC Berkeley, with a focus on sustainable development through innovation and entrepreneurship. He is an independent consultant to Lend A Hand India, which provides vocational education to over 1200 schools across 10 states in India. Bhavik has also been a consultant at Ernst & Young for 2 years.

Before joining Berkeley, Bhavik worked as the executive director and lead trainer at Skillsphere Education, an upcoming startup in the skill-development sector. Bhavik runs a non-profit in India, Project Reach Foundation, which works towards providing educational counselling to students from underprivileged backgrounds and improving mental health for school and college students. He is the founder of ‘Farmers of India’ initiative which works to address the issue of farmer suicides in Maharashtra, India. He has a Bachelor of technology degree from NMIMS University, Mumbai.

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