Aneesh Kulkarni


Aneesh Kulkarni





Aneesh is a third-year student at NMIMS University based in Mumbai. Currently studying Information Technology, he is pursuing a dual degree in B.Tech and MBA. He has formerly been the Head of Department for Public Relations at MUN Society, MPSTME and now serves as the Joint General Secretary: External Affairs at the same organization.

Apart from his recently grown interest in motorsports like Formula1, Aneesh is an avid Cricket fan and loves discussing and writing blogs about the same. He has also been trying to dabble his hands at writing for a few years. He likes to write and perform spoken-word poetry, short stories and has been quite successful at it. When he is tired after doing all these activities, Aneesh likes catching up on Bollywood classics with a bowl of ice cream. He is a bubbly-natured, creative person who does all activities with a childlike enthusiasm and great determination.