Holiday Gift Guide

Browse through the links below to find one-of-a-kind products made by Resolution Fellows. Whether you are looking to purchase gifts for friends & family (or something special for yourself!) we hope you will find some interesting and innovative items below.  Happy shopping!

Any inquiries about sales, shipping, or other order-related matters should be directed to individual Resolution Fellows. 


Aedify's Personal Finance Gaming Simulation Course

Lucien Charland’s Dungeons and Dragons-like simulation combines personal finance lectures with case-based, interactive applications. Use code RESOLUTION for 40% off. 

Lucien Charland, Class 6


CAPNOS's Innovative Vape Alternative

Brendan Wang’s CAPNOS Zero helps address a behavioral craving to vaping or smoking using only flavored, pressurized air to help people quit. 

Brendan Wang, Class 12

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Heritage Charity Foundation's Organic Vegetables

Elizabeth Adikah’s Heritage Charity Foundation produces and sells organic vegetables in Ghana. 

Elizabeth Adikah, Class 12


RoHo's Artisanal Products

Caleigh Hernandez’ RoHo offers women’s shoes, Fair Trade accessories, handcrafted cowhide bags & accessories, and custom home goods. These beautiful, high-quality pieces empower people through dignified work.

Caleigh Hernandez, Class 7


Terraoak's Environmentally-Friendly Camping Equipment

Maxwell Chinnah and Godwin Attigah’s Terraoak sells cooking & heating stoves,  cooking pans, and heating lanterns. 

Terraoak, Class 7


Taste Afrique's Natural Spices

Gift Kiti’s Taste Afrique sells natural spices that are ready to eat and add that extra yuminness to your food!

Gift Kiti, Class 10

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