Holiday Gift Guide

Browse through the links below to find one-of-a-kind products made by Resolution Fellows. Whether you are looking to purchase gifts for friends & family (or something special for yourself!) we hope you will find some interesting and innovative items below.  Happy shopping!

Any inquiries about sales, shipping, or other order-related matters should be directed to individual Resolution Fellows. 


Akebo's Handmade Woven Baskets

Annelle Kayisire’s Akebo empowers teenage mothers in Nyamata, Rwanda by providing market access for their hand-woven crafts.

Annelle Kayisire, Class 13


CAPNOS's Innovative Vape Alternative

Brendan Wang and Jake Roach’s CAPNOS helps address a behavioral addiction to vaping with a better, cleaner alternative that uses only air.

Brendan Wang & Jake Roach, Class 12


Code From Zero's Accessible Coding Course

Lucien Charland’s Code From Zero offers the basics of data analytics coding to underserved markets in an 8-hour course.      

Lucien Charland, Class 6


Floco's Comfortable Period Pads

Mhairi Cochrane’s Floco sells comfy reusable period pads. For every pack sold, one pack is sponsored to a community where access is limited. 

Mhairi Cochrane, Class 11

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Leading Women of Tomorrow's Merch

Medha Reddy’s Leading Women of Tomorrow encourages more young women to consider careers in public service. Shop their fashionable merch while closing the gender gap among public representatives! 

Medha Reddy, Class 10


RoHo's Artisanal Products

Caleigh Hernandez’s RoHo offers artisan-made one-of-a-kind Kenyan beaded leather sandals, cowhide bags, African beaded jewelry, face masks, Binga Baskets and cowhide home goods that create meaningful impact. 

Caleigh Hernandez, Class 7


Terraoak's Environmentally-Friendly Camping Equipment

Maxwell Chinnah and Godwin Attigah’s Terraoak sells cooking & heating stoves,  cooking pans, and heating lanterns. 

Terraoak, Class 7


Taste Afrique's Natural Spices

Gift Kiti’s Taste Afrique sells natural spices that are ready to eat and add that extra yuminness to your food!

Gift Kiti, Class 10

TigerBow's Ethical Bow Ties

Wahid Hossain’s TigerBow is an ethical fashion company helping Bangladeshi women artisans continue their craft while keeping Bangladesh’s rich tradition of cultural fabrics alive.

Wahid Hossain, Class 6


Unspoken Smiles' Fashionable Merch

Jean Paul Laurent’s Unspoken Smiles spreads happiness and oral hygiene across Haiti and around the world. 

Jean Paul Laurent, Class 6

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