International Women’s Day Guest Post: Resolution Board Member Yvonne Buysman

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day with a guest post from longtime Resolution supporter, volunteer and Guide, and current Board member and Chair of the Nominating Committee, Yvonne Buysman!

In a complex and challenging world, I am impressed by the energy and insights young leaders channel through socially responsible ventures. I have had the opportunity to serve on the Resolution Advisory Board (RAB) in which Fellows connected with me on topics such as expanding their network and business development strategy. Serving as a Co-Guide to young female Fellows such as Apefa Adjivon and Mary Maker has made me realize how deeply rooted the Fellows’ desires are to give back to their communities.  As a Fellow with a value-based life philosophy, Mary had just shared a beautiful insight with me last week as we discussed her venture “Kakuma Thrives” centered in South Sudan. She stated: “I have been given the light to move forward in my life, and I feel responsible for giving that light back to others.”  She is bringing the sustainable development goals of gender equity and quality education to life through the arts which leaves me amazed by the power of the Fellows’ abilities to transform communities through innovation and collaboration.

It has also been an honor to participate in Social Venture Challenges (SVCs) in Rome, the Hague, and Bogota. The Resolution Project’s partnerships with WorldMUN and One Young World conferences help expand the scope of social ventures on a global level. It has been rewarding to track the progress of Fellows who participated in SVCs at the early stages of their ventures and to see where they are today.  

The Resolution Project’s dedicated staff offers expertise and commitment to a long-term programmatic strategy; I am always amazed by the professionalism and passion that this team brings on a daily basis. Currently, I am enjoying serving on the board of directors as the chair of the nominating committee. The level of diverse talent and commitment on the board to advance The Resolution Project’s growth is aspirational. I have been on a journey as a volunteer with The Resolution Project for the past eight years, and I appreciate how the organization best serves its Fellows and all those who choose to contribute towards its wider mission. I am grateful to The Resolution Project for always making me feel at home and to be part of an organization that is working towards a sustainable future for all.