Youth Assembly at the United Nations Winter 2016 SVC Winner Announcement

We are pleased to share the outcomes of our Youth Assembly at the United Nations Winter 2016 Social Venture Challenge. Please see below for details about our new winners and their exciting social venture ideas!

At the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, we saw a diverse group of 20 teams in the semi-finals, moved 9 teams on to the finals, and selected three winning teams:

Manuel Angel Barrantes Duarte, founder of Trash to Treasureswill train members of a low-income community in Nicaragua to become micro-entrepreneurs.  These entrepreneurs will create and sell upcycled products, thereby building job skills, increasing household income, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Sohil Shah, is the founder of The Collegiate Conference: Let’s Talk Success. The Collegiate Conference will help underprivileged students overcome challenges faced during the college application process by providing educational resources, tools, and peer mentoring in a day-long conference in New York City.

Gerard Mutabazi Amani, Faraja Tresor Amanda & Betlhime Zewdeof Youth Empowerment & Integration.  YEI will empower African youth in Canada to become effective leaders through education, career development, and community integration mentoring and support.