Youth Assembly at the United Nations Summer 2016 SVC Winner Announcement

We are pleased to share the results of our ninth Social Venture Challenge at the 2016 Summer Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Please see below for details about our new winners and their exciting social venture ideas!

At the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, we saw a diverse group of 22 teams in the semi-finals, moved 7 teams on to the finals, and selected three winning teams:

Justine Recio, Danielle Dana, and Darlene Nolasco are the co-founders of PAMANA. PAMANA (the Filipino word for ‘heritage’) will use scientific analysis to improve crop selection, solid waste management, and irrigation in indigenous farming communities in the Philippines. By combining science and technology with local know-how, PAMANA will focus on the improvement of current farming practices of indigenous Filipino groups, and the promotion of environmentally sustainable lifestyles and agricultural practices.

Madel Beaudouin is the founder of The Queens Entrepreneurship Fund, in Queens, New York. Through her social venture, Madel (who pitched to us for the second time this year) will provide rigorous training opportunities for Queens College students to provide consultation services to small businesses in the district surrounding the Queens College campus. In so doing, the Queens Entrepreneurship Fund will help to ensure that Queens College fulfills its tremendous potential for social impact in the area it surrounds, while tapping the energy, ideas, and intellectual capital of its students. 

Xiaoyue Gong founded Aeo to combat the severe health effects of indoor air pollution in Shanghai, China by building a network of air monitoring devices, and an app to provide access to air quality information. Aeo will provide real-time air quality ratings of public indoor areas, such as shopping malls, restaurants, and schools, so that people can make informed decisions on where to spend their time.