WorldMUN 2019: 5 New SVC Winners in Madrid

We are thrilled to welcome five more young leaders to our global community. These SVC Winners are working on solutions to tackle crucial problems affecting their communities – from student suicide in India to teenage pregnancy in Mexico.

Resolution Fellows Max Wosnitza and Albert Grafe of Connect joined us for the week to help judge the SVC. Max and Albert became Resolution Fellows after winning the 2016 WorldMUN SVC in Rome.

  • Neelika Chakrabarti and Sagar Menon of Ciita will address student suicide in Mumbai, India by creating a safe space where students will learn to acknowledge their feelings, which are often ignored given the stigma attached to mental health. They hope to increase the use of therapy among adolescent students. 
  • Sarah Penchyna of Looking Further will provide public high school students in Pachuca, Mexico, with tools to develop a ‘life project,’ documenting their skills, capabilities and economic scope in order to develop and achieve their short and long-term goals, as well as explore the ways that teenage pregnancy can impact those goals.
  • Hardik Doshi and Radha Dave of Project Dakshata will facilitate resource efficiency for rural Indian farmers through a unique paint that will act as a mosquito repellent, is water resistant, and insulates homes developed from a cow dung based resin that they will purchase from farmers, thus providing an additional stream of income for them.

Please join us in welcoming this new class of change makers to the Resolution community!