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Yang-Ward Foundation




Yang-Ward Foundation seeks to empower single women in rural areas by engaging them in revenue generating activities such as cash crop production, pig farming, goat farming etc to gain financial independence.

Yang-Ward Foundation launched its pilot program in Kot, eastern Nepal in July, 2013 to great success.  Within a year, it became self-sustainable employing 4 single women who work 5 hours a day 5 days a week for five times their previous wage. Yang-Ward Foundation also donated 5000 books to the local school where 1200 students are benefitting from these books, and now offers 5 scholarships for underprivileged girls.

Yang-Ward’s  successful pilot project drew favorable media attention from the number one daily newspaper in Nepal, the Huffington Post, the Westminster College website, and was featured in the plenary session at the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference 2014: Recently Yang-Ward Foundation was selected and named  among Nepal’s Top 75 Youth Organizations’ 2015.

Currently Yang-Ward Foundation has implemented 5 different goat farming projects in the northern part of Nepal which is also one of the regions hardest hit by recent earthquakes. Yang-Ward Foundation also provided immediate aid relief  packages worth $15,000 US dollars to earthquake victims in different parts of Nepal.