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Sam is a PhD student at Columbia University who wants solar to have a future and a community of supporters during his lifetime. He takes the long view on this problem, and has designed an educational program to bring solar awareness into classrooms in the Miami-Dade area. Sam and his team lead hands-on demonstrations involving cheap, safe “at-home” solar module assemblies, helping the students to build their own small solar panel. Students would then show other students in a new classroom this new skill, ensuring that they not only learned, but internalized well enough to teach. This early education would serve to raise awareness of the possibilities of future energy sources and aim to inspire young minds to reach for STEM-field related goals, as well as simply making solar energy more accessible as a concept. Recently, the venture reported it has decided to expand to three other cities, and that greater than 90% of survey respondents marked its program as interesting to their peers and useful for learning about alternative energy.