The Jackfruit Company

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The Jackfruit Company



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The Jackfruit Company, a Global Village Fruit company, is the global leader in jackfruit foods.  This growing social enterprise was founded in 2011 by the top-ranking 2013 Harvard College graduate, Resolution Fellow Annemarie “Annie” Ryu.  Jackfruit foods are fiber-rich, low-calorie, cholesterol-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free meat alternatives, with the texture of pulled pork or braised beef.  The Jackfruit Company prioritizes farm-to-market supply chains, benefiting agricultural communities in India and Sri Lanka by converting a locally abundant but underutilized natural resource (jackfruit) to income and opportunity for farming families. Today, The Jackfruit Company supplies several Whole Foods Market Regions and is rapidly expanding, having successfully raised angel investments, created a growing demand for jackfruit, built relationships with leading chefs, and empowered smallholder farmers in rural agricultural communities.  Annie and her team are bringing a healthy food to the global market, raising the standard of living of farmers, and creating a social business that aims to be a leading food enterprise. Read about Annie’s insights on what makes jackfruit unique in this July 2016 National Geographic article. Recently, the venture has expanded to work with 1000 farming families, from 350 the previous year.