The Cacao Project


The Cacao Project is an initiative which provides participating farmers of San Fernando with cacao seedlings (a long-term, resilient crop which provides them with a considerable income after three years and will be productive for up to 20-25 years), and short term crops such as bok choy, okra, and pumpkins (which will be productive after 19-30 days) to intercrop with the cacao. The produce is sold to the Cacao Project Organization, which then sells it to international buyers. Farmers are paid a fair wage and better positioned for sustainable success. This year, the venture reported it was able to revive water sources within the area because of the mass tree planting efforts in the community. It has also found that people are reaping the harvests of their short-term crops with considerable success: some people have reported that they’ve earned between 3,000 to 12,000 pesos per month from selling their short-term crops at local markets.