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Rahwa strengthens maternal and child healthcare in rural Eritrea by training and employing women in rural communities as Maternal Health Agents (MHAs), who support women throughout the pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal periods. In addition, through the Haras Anbesa Initiative, Rahwa makes childbirth and immediate postpartum care free for all women who birth in its partner hospital that serves 20,000 people in the Dobub region. Recent reports indicate that through Rahwa, 415 women have accessed free, quality childbirth care and free ambulance transportation; 297 mothers have accessed free immediate postpartum care; and MHAs have conducted 8,251 screenings of child malnutrition and referred 1,570 children with malnutrition to the hospital for care.  More information about Rahwa can be found at http://rahwahealth.org/.