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One Sun Health




One Sun Health was co-founded by three students hailing from different universities and multidisciplinary backgrounds, who met in South Africa while completing research on global health issues in 2011. Their experience and interactions with communities in the region of HaMakuya, Limpopo Province sparked a passion to return the area to work with local stakeholders to create a sustainable solution to a lack of malaria education and access to preventative resources. Having successfully piloted a community-driven malaria awareness program (MAP) in partnership with the Limpopo Department of Health and led by home-based care workers, One Sun Health is currently looking to expand this education model into new high-risk regions. Additionally, the One Sun Health is working to launch a social enterprise initiative, ENETI, which aims to create pathways of economic empowerment by starting mosquito bed net businesses. By partnering with Kiwinet, a South African bed net distributor, One Sun Health will ensure a steady market and organize logistics of training, material transport, and more for selected local sewing cooperatives. ENETI aspires to offer a South African-made bed net product to both local and commercial markets, in an effort to decrease incidence of malaria in and around rural communities.