El Agua Es Oro

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El Agua Es Oro



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El Agua Es Oro provides a mobile laundry and water recycling service to improve peri-urban water access and resilience. For most, household chores have become automated. But for women living in peri-urban households, chores such as doing laundry can take up to 15 hours per week consuming 400 liters of safe water. Our solution can reduce the time women spend on household chores and increase their productive time learning new skills. By providing a mobile laundry service we can help peri-urban households increase up to 30% of their access to water and we can save thousands of liters through our integrated water recycling system. This solution saves time for women, time which can be reinvested in education and work. It also saves clean water which can be redirected to hygiene, cooking, and drinking. For more information about the H20 Project, visit their website at