Building With Bottles


Building With Bottles




Brett Perl received his Resolution Fellowship for the venture, “Building With Bottles.”   In Haiti, Brett sought to create a design solution to the problems that he observed, notably an overabundance of trash and a marginalized population of individuals who were disabled. Brett worked with the Afya Foundation, an organization focused on bringing much-needed medical supplies, and therapy services to those disabled during the 2010 earthquake, to launch his project. He employed local furniture makers in Haiti to provide furniture for thousands of people living in Internally Displaced Persons camps, impacting the local environment and need for sanitation solutions by creating useful furniture from disposed plastic bottles, and generating a sustainable employment opportunity for people with disabilities. Using the tooling methods he developed during the initial research phase of Building With Bottles, he is currently taking raw plastic, which would have normally been burned in Haiti, and extruding it to be 3D printed onto fabric.