The JPB Foundation Invests in Community of Undergraduate Leaders to Combat Environmental Challenges

Grant awarded to The Resolution Project – a dynamic organization developing a generation of socially responsible young leaders.

NEW YORK, NY., Dec. 6, 2017 / — The JPB Foundation has awarded a grant to The Resolution Project to equip and empower a growing network of innovative young entrepreneurs (Resolution Fellows), creating lasting, significant change on issues specifically affecting the environment. 

Resolution Fellows are undergraduate students who are identified at youth conferences around the world, and are galvanized to start a social enterprise in their home community. They receive funding, mentorship, and a global network of resources from The Resolution Project, which boasts a network of more than 500 industry experts and volunteers.

Environmentally oriented ventures are among those most commonly proposed to Resolution, which has a portfolio of 360 Fellows working on 225 social ventures in 20 U.S. states and 70 countries around the world. More than a quarter of these ventures have the environment as their primary area of impact. Resolution Fellows have engaged more than 200,000 people in efforts to promote solutions to climate change.

“The undergraduate students of today have a particularly high level of concern for the environment, focusing on solutions such as renewable energy, conservation, recycling, awareness, and food systems of the future. It’s one of the largest areas of interest for our Resolution Fellows, which is why we are thrilled to be able to expand our impact in this area through The JPB Foundation’s grant,” said Oliver Libby, Chair and Co-Founder of The Resolution Project.

Winning funding from one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing philanthropic organizations highlights the tremendous impact Resolution has achieved in its first decade as an organization, and suggests a bright future ahead for the nonprofit, which is emerging as a recognized leader in the field of youth-led social entrepreneurship.

“We are so grateful to The JPB Foundation for its generous support of our mission and for investing in youth leadership,” said George M. Tsiatis, CEO and Co-Founder of The Resolution Project.

JPB’s emphasis on supporting projects with the potential for significant change is in line with The Resolution Project’s mission to prove that investing capital, resources, and support in young social entrepreneurs while they are still in school leads to a successful return on investment and tangible impact — Resolution Fellows have collectively improved the lives of more than 1.37 million people around the world. 

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