Sanjana Jha

Sanjana Jha





Sanjana is a Senior Financial Analyst. Through the last 4 years, she has worked in fund management, corporate action, expense audit and compliance, which led her to her current role in administrative policy development.

Her current job role in Deloitte involves analytics, cognitive offering, and scenario planning as it is imperative for development of administrative policies for Deloitte professionals and practitioners. She is also involved in building impactful deliverables by elevating, engaging, and building relationships with management and leadership.

Outside of work, she has volunteered and participated in activities for the welfare and upliftment of society. The causes she dedicates her time on includes education, women empowerment, and awareness of their rights. She has worked for organizations like Centre of Social Services, Adore India and Teach for Change amongst many.

On the personal front, she is an avid reader and enjoys reading classics and non-fiction. She also advocate focusing time for one’s mental and physical well-being.