Nisaa Jetha


Nisaa Jetha





Nisaa, a global impact strategist and qualified solicitor, previously served as the most senior Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Officer designated by the World Bank (IFC) managing portfolios across three separate nations responsible for curation of impactful impact theses and benchmarking mid-cap PE portfolios against the United Nations SDGs. Holding senior roles such as Head of Impact & In-House Counsel in investment management, Nisaa actively contributes to global climate initiatives, participating in COP21, speaking at COP26 (OpenCOP), and engaging as a solution partner in 27 Climate Labs at COP27.

She is a Chief Founding UK-Member (77% of C-Suite women are Chief), Founder of ImpactforSDGs former Global Ambassador for Climate Change at the Centre for Responsible Leadership (President Bill Clinton & Al Gore’s VP Lieberman). Her diverse career includes notable achievements such as launching an energy governance group in the UK Parliament, keynotes at impactful forums (WEF, UN, Climate Week) and speaking in the UK parliament for increased female representation. Nisaa was a previous policy analyst & speechwriter in The Senate of Canada and separately nominated by the United State of Women Summit. Nisaa’s diverse career reflects her commitment to cultivating impactful strategies across public, private, and government sectors.