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Monica Logothetis

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As an undergraduate at UVA, Monica Gray Logothetis led a tutoring program at the highest-need elementary school in Charlottesville, VA. After graduation, she grew frustrated with the lack of volunteer opportunities – especially opportunities in schools – that were possible for working professionals. Chatting about the issue one evening with her friend Annie Medaglia, they realized a simple solution. Using their phones, Monica and Annie had the ability to video chat with any classroom across the country, all without leaving the office. If they could do it, so could other professionals around the globe. They teamed up to launch DreamWakers, a national education technology nonprofit that harnesses the power of free video chat services to virtually connect classroom learning to real-world careers. Under Monica’s leadership as CEO, DreamWakers has expanded to 32 states in two years, and serves thousands of students in low-income urban and rural communities.

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