Mohit Rauniyar


Mohit Rauniyar





Mohit Rauniyar is the Co-Founder and Director of Canopy Nepal, a social enterprise working to create educational accessibility for underprivileged students and to promote interactive learning in classrooms in Nepal. He has been in the education field for the past 11 years, has worked with over 1900 individuals through his sessions, and has reached more than 9300 students through Canopy Nepal. Rauniyar is also a part of Global Shaper Kathmandu, a community under the World Economic Forum, and is actively consulting for various educational institutions in Nepal. Rauniyar is also a Guide at The Resolution Project, and his involvement as the Country Coordinator of the NCEP team in Nepal, a teacher at Bloom Nepal School, and facilitator of various workshops for students, teachers, and parents, among many has developed him into a strong advocate of quality education. Rauniyar is a Climate Reality Leader at The Climate Reality Project & Global Changemaker at Youth Forum Switzerland. Rauniyar also got accepted at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and will pursue his program in 2023.