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Melissa Steinkamp is a Vice President at the JP Morgan U.S. Private Bank currently in the Strategic Programs Group focusing on global business growth initiatives.  Prior to that, Melissa was an Investments Associate directly advising the U.S. Northeastern client segment as well as the Mexican client base.  She started her career at JP Morgan in the Investment Bank as a secondary loan trading analyst.  As a volunteer of the Harvard Club Schools Committee, Melissa interviews prospective applicants for the Harvard Admissions Office.  She also volunteers in JP Morgan sponsored GoodWorks initiatives, often working with associations such as Gallop NYC (organization to support Hippotherepy for disabled children) and participating in the annual Heart Walk to raise money for the Annual Heart Association.  Melissa is actively involved in WAM (Women of Asset and Wealth Management) as well as Adelante, a diversity group for Latino Professionals.  In 2013, she regularly volunteered in NYU Langone in the inpatient pediatric rehabilitation department.  Melissa earned a B.A. from Harvard College in 2010.  At Harvard, Melissa served as President of 1-2-1 Wilderness a mentoring program for school-aged children in the Cambridge area.  In 2009, Melissa co-authored a published work on the “Spherical Indentation of Lungs: Experiments, Modeling, and Sub-Surface Imaging” in the Journal of Materials Research (MRS).  In her free time, Melissa loves to horseback ride, travel, read, and spend time with her family and friends.