Mariam Giorgadze





Mariam Giorgadze can be found anywhere at the intersection of healthcare, marketing technologies and data. Currently, she serves as Digital Marketing Analyst at NYC based health insurance provider – Healthfirst. On a daily basis Ms. Giorgadze is a marketing technologist with 5 years of international experience helping companies identify and make the best use of their marketing KPIs, technology and data. Mariam’s experience stretches from early-stage Startups to medium-sized companies as well from Tbilisi, Georgia to all the way to San Francisco, USA.

Mariam defines her life mission as empowering others to reach their full potential and goals. She actively co-organizes and mentors at organizations like Startup Next Boston, Hacking Health NYC, and Protohack. She hold Masters in International Marketing and Bachelors in Business Administration.

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