Josie Maestre


Josie Maestre





Josie (they/them) is a Communication & Writing Coach / Storyteller with an intense passion for language, social & mental health
advocacy, and helping others tell their stories with confidence. Originally from Puerto Rico, they completed their BFA in
Writing at the Savannah College of Arts & Design before moving to Florida. They also have experience in UX Design &
Technical Writing, as well as experience from several volunteer projects. Currently they serve as a mentor for ADPList.
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But enough about my resume, we’re here to talk about me!

I am many other things: a proud genderqueer Latinx, an old soul, a music-loving foodie, an active gamer, and a lover of
visual and linguistic arts, just to list a few! My life has been filled with many trials & tribulations – struggles that helped
me learn the value & importance of empathy, humility, and authenticity, as well as the true power of self-expression and

Business, like life in general, can be full of unexpected challenges, unrealistic expectations, and uncertainty. But curious,
honest, and open minds will eventually find a solution! A diverse team of such minds built on honest & clear
communication, authenticity, and equality will overcome any challenge or adversity in their path. Helping to build this
kind of team is why I joined the Resolution Project.

More personally, my long-term goals include (but are NOT limited to) a master’s in psychology, building a YouTube
empire to retire on, reaching the competitive rank of Diamond in Overwatch 2, and dining at the Atelier Crenn in San