Jie Zhao

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Jie Zhao





At Delos, Jie leads the research and development team. His responsibility is leading a group of scientists, engineers, architects, and designers to create innovative products to improve human wellness in indoor spaces. He also manages external academic relationships, supports primary research in the Well Living Lab, and provides strategic and technical advice to Delos Asia. As a researcher, he published 20+ scientific articles and serves as reviewers for 10+ journals. As a public speaker, he spoke at 20+ conferences and panels. Jie cares about animal welfare and environmental protection. He volunteered at WWF China in college, and has been a contributor to WWF, AWF, and Liberty Human Society. He is also interested in improving public health conditions in developing countries. Jie received his PhD in Building Performance and Diagnostics from Carnegie Mellon University, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tongji University in Shanghai, China.