Jean-Pierre Jacquet


Jean-Pierre Jacquet





Jean-Pierre is a Haitian-American immigrant, who grew up in inner city Boston. After graduating from Harvard College, JP moved to New York City to work in the finance and legal industries before he entered the field of education.  Over the course of his life having the opportunity to attend academically stimulating schools and the diversity of his experiences convinced him that the best way to pay-forward these advantages is to provide them for others through the vehicle of education. He worked for four years as a college guidance counselor and history teacher, while coaching wrestling and lacrosse at the University School in Cleveland, Oh. JP then earned his MA degree in Independent School Leadership through the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University’s Teachers’ College. He then served as an Associate Director of Bronx Planning for New York City’s Department of Education where he sited new school organizations and worked on rezoning initiatives. Currently, JP serves as the Upper School Dean of Students and a teacher at the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn New York.