Hussein Hassan


Hussein Hassan





Dr. Hussein Hassan is a multi-award-winning Health Science scholar and Humanitarian Specialist with 16 years of Disaster Management, and effective Recovery and Development Program Management experience. During this period, Hussein held senior leadership, managerial and technical positions at the United Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and development partners in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He documented significant achievements through strategic partnership, professional leadership, and proper management of resources. In his multiple roles, Hussein strived to alleviate suffering, protect human dignity, and advocate for the helpless. He supported social justice and promoted accountability to the affected people that he served.
Dr. Hussein’s evidence-based disaster management and development programs contributed to saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Hussein’s work was consistently featured and awarded by regional and international partners.
Dr. Hussein is a Resolution Fellow and Guide, he joined the Resolution Family in 2013 and is currently serving as a Resolution Guide.