Gowri Krishnamurthy


Gowri Krishnamurthy





IT professional with 25+ Years’ experience, with both external and internal client consulting. Experience in leading digital transformation, IT strategy, collaboration, and relationship management with CXO, C-Suite, and senior executives across geographies. Of the 13 years, I have been with Deloitte in the US-India office(USI), I have established and led multiple teams. Currently leading a global team of ~250 diverse and hybrid workforce professionals, to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions.

Worked in firms: Deloitte (current), HCL Technologies, Monsanto Electronic Materials Corp., EDS India. I am culturally intelligent, having established global teams from scratch and leading them to deliver global enterprise solutions. Deep expertise in financial planning, budgeting, negotiations, leading change and transformation, and building trusted relationships. Have a natural ability to question the status quo, look beyond the obvious, and connect the dots quickly. Mentored professionals across various age groups and levels in the organization and outside the firm. Speaker and panelist on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity matters. Champion on diversity and PwD hiring, grooming them for success. I believe that while technology can solve many problems, but it takes more than technology and sometimes no technology to make a difference.