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Felix Marwuko





Felix Marwuko is an ambitious man who always persists to achieve a goal. He has the abilities, experiences, and skills to transform his society and the nation at large. He attended the University of Education, Winneba, and earned a degree in BSC Integrated Science with sufficient knowledge and skills which makes him strive to pursue further to leave a legacy. He served as a teacher at Touch a life Foundation and he impacted the children with great knowledge. He always gives back what he has acquired to society to influence the development of the country.

He is a hardworking man who made the initiative of establishing a project at Asukese to help the young people to be employed to reduce the unemployment rate. He is a man of creativity, innovation, critical thinker, and a persuasive person who always wants to bring a positive impact on his society. He has been trained as a servant leader by Young Africa Leadership Initiative, organized by US Embassy in Ghana cohort 15.

He is pursuing his MBA in Marketing Management. He is a selfless man and a responsible man who uses the untiring commitment and drive to bring more dignity and autonomy to the citizens of the country. He is a man of discipline, a leader, and a man of his words who wants to bring a change in his society.

He had a lot of significant professional experiences as a Sales and Marketing Officer. He created an avenue in the company for engaging the workers in decision-making and he ensured easily monitoring assessment and evaluation of the worker by encouraging them and appreciating their input which signifies an effective leadership role.

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