Erin Kim





Erin is Communications Director at New Harvest, the 501(c)(3) research institute accelerating breakthroughs in cellular agriculture – creating products like meat, milk, eggs, leather, silk, and more from cell cultures rather than animals. Erin’s initial interest in animal law led her to the discovery of animal products made without animals through biotechnology, and she spent much of her time as a law student volunteering with New Harvest and diving deep into the world of cellular agriculture before taking on her position full time. For Erin, New Harvest’s work building the field of cellular agriculture served as a perfect alignment for her interests in futures studies, global catastrophic risk mitigation, food security, public health, sustainability, and environmental justice. Her prior experience includes interning at the legal advocacy organization, Pivot Legal Society, and many years working in special education at Eaton Arrowsmith School in Vancouver, Canada. Erin holds a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies and Human Geography from the University of British Columbia, and a JD from the University of Alberta with a specialization in Environmental Law.

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