Emmanuel Osei


Emmanuel Osei





My name is Emmanuel Osei, a Medical Laboratory Professional, a caring husband and responsible father of two wonderful daughters, I am the President of a Non Governmental Organization called Federation of Helping Hands (FOHH). FOHH is dedicated to the development and empowerment of disadvantaged groups, in especially vulnerable rural communities and tribal families, through grassroots action,research, and education as well as being an operational NGO, we plan and carry out boot-on-the ground projects to accomplish our objectives. This requires a great deal of careful extensive and inclusive planning, effective communication and pragmatic local involvement for each project. Our primary mandates focus on providing free better healthcare services through health symposia, evidence based data driven medical laboratory investigations and vaccinations as well as plastic recycling, reuse and management to curbing effects of microplastics on our health and the environment. FOHH has a compiled comprehensive pragmatic systems that work across four plastic streams to generate both Waste Collection Credits and Waste Recycling Credits.