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Ece Tekbulut is a PhD candidate and a teaching assistant in the Political
Science department at Columbia University, where she instructs courses
on human rights and international politics. An integral aspect of her role
involves teaching students effective communication and persuasive
argumentation. Prior to joining Columbia, Ece was part of various
organizations dedicated to fostering positive change in her home country
of Turkey. She served as a project coordinator, devising and
implementing programs aimed at improving the learning outcomes for
underserved children. She worked on the ground with Syrian refugee
children, facilitating their integration into the Turkish school system.
During her undergraduate studies, Ece had the privilege of winning a
Social Entrepreneurship Competition, having created an experience gift
pack that not only provided consumers with quality experiences but also
advanced the unique causes championed by more than 20 partner NGOs.
Ece fully believes in the potential of young leaders who want to make a
social impact and she is passionate about empowering them as they
launch their social ventures.