Carly Kaplan


Carly Kaplan





After spending years working her way up through Corporate America in Fortune 150 companies and working with the world’s largest media brands, Carly found that she had the same, two lingering questions, “who am I and what do I really want to do?” With her personal + professional experience, and passion to seek more from life, she made a simple, yet profound commitment to help people shift their mindset and energy to discover their extraordinary, as a Coach. In doing so, she channeled her purpose to change lives. Clients’ small ideas become undeniable visions. Their conversations turned unapologetically bold and confident. And, dreams were pursued relentlessly. Carly is also focused on maximizing her impact to collectively shift mindsets to bridge the gap between digital wellbeing and joy in the world. As a huge advocate of empowerment and education, Carly is building a non-profit focused on educating young kids to develop bulletproof mindsets to foster success, resiliency, and positivity. Carly graduated from the University of Miami with her BA in Psychology.