Becca Agar


Becca Agar





Becca is a Culture & Purpose Specialist within Deloitte Global, working on advancing societal impact efforts across the organization, collaborating with Deloitte colleagues, leaders, and non-profit organizations to help provide access to skills & education, empowering individuals to make positive decisions around climate and sustainability, and cultivating connections and engagement with colleagues. Becca has been with Deloitte for over 4 years, originally starting in HR systems consulting within the UK, before moving to the Global Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability team in 2020, helping deliver Deloitte’s global ambition to empower 100 million people through access to education, skills development and opportunity by 2030. She is currently working in the Culture & Purpose team, helping cultivate a thriving organizational culture for Deloitte Global.

Becca holds a BA Hons in English Literature from Durham University and previously has volunteered with VSO ICS in Nigeria and The FutureSense Foundation in Tanzania, focusing on education, youth, and community development projects. She is passionate about mentoring and supporting young leaders to achieve their goals and ambitions!