Ayan Ray

Ayan Ray

Ayan Ray





A Class 12 Resolution Fellow, Ayan is passionate about empowering children through education. He co-founded Tavishi Children Foundation with this vision to build a safe and compassionate community for children along with parents, teachers, counsellors and experts. Tavishi aims to educate all involved to recognise, understand, learn preventive methods and respond sensitively to child abuse. Ayan also acts as a Fellow Council member working with Fellows in the APAC for the Resolution Project.

Along with social entrepreneurship, he is very enthusiastic about how technology integrates with business to impact lives. He has a past work experience in a consulting firm and has pursued a dual degree in Bachelor of Technology and an MBA in Technology Management from NMIMS University, Mumbai, India. He has been awarded the Diana Award in 2022- one of the highest accolades a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian efforts. Currently he is pursuing a Masters in International Business from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Ayan considers himself to be a cinephile and a traveler. Capturing stories and sharing them with people gives him a deep sense of pride. He is a strong believer in challenging himself to push limits to attain perfection. With a keen interest in an array of fields, he is prepped to change the world over a cup of coffee.