Ayan Ray


Ayan Ray





A Class 12 Resolution Fellow, Ayan is passionate about empowering children through education, to protect themselves from different forms of child abuse in India. He co-founded Tavishi with this vision to build a safe and compassionate community for children along with parents, teachers, counsellors and experts.

Along with social entrepreneurship, he is very enthusiastic about how technology integrates with business to impact lives. He has a past work experience in a consulting firm and has pursued a dual degree in Bachelor of Technology(Information Technology) and an MBA with a major in marketing from NMIMS University, Mumbai, India. He has also achieved the Google Ads Top Marketer (2020) status in an online marketing challenge, where we worked with ACFE Group based in South Africa and Zimbabwe. His campaigns increased the digital presence and fundraising of the non-profit focussed on helping disadvantaged children out of poverty in Africa. He has been awarded the Diana Award in 2022- one of the highest accolade a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian efforts. Currently he is pursuing a Masters in International Business from University College Dublin, Ireland.