Resolution Project Launches a Fellow Emergency Fund

Resolution Project is proud to announce the launch of the Fellow Emergency Fund. The Fellow Emergency Fund is a mechanism for Resolution Fellows to receive monetary support from Resolution during exceptionally challenging personal circumstances. Resolution defines these circumstances as anything preventing Fellows from meeting their basic needs, and can include situations arising from a natural disaster, instability in the region, public health crisis, and/or personal circumstances.  

Fellows can request anywhere from $100- $500 USD per calendar year and the funding is not related to the grant that each Fellow receives to implement their social venture. It is also not a loan. This Fund is part of Resolution’s  lifelong commitment to supporting Fellows, especially in their times of need, and helps support their economic resilience.  Funds are intended to provide critical support but in many cases will not be sufficient to solve the long term effects of the emergency. 

In 2020, Resolution piloted the fund, dispersing more than $63,000 in emergency funding to Fellows during the pandemic.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, the Fellow Emergency Fund can be utilized for:

  • Food and Water
  • Critical Medicine and Health Services – critical includes unexpected medical cost, life-saving medicines, procedures, and tests, and mental health services
  • Emergency Transportation or Associated Relocation Costs (ex: plane tickets or visa) for the Fellow
  • Housing (for the Fellow) or Emergency Shelter
  • Sanitation Supplies (such as wash kits, PPE, and menstrual hygiene items)
  • Electricity and Internet
  • Other Critical Needs

Through this fund, Resolution plans to help Fellows preserve their wellbeing, find their way through unexpected crises, and continue to achieve their goals as beacons of light for their communities.

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