Resolution Fellow Rose Wang Selected as Echoing Green Fellow

New York, NY (June 23, 2015) – This morning, Echoing Green announced Resolution Fellow Rose Wang’s selection as an Echoing Green Fellow.  Wang’s selection came within the Climate Fellow category, in recognition of the potential impact her venture would have on the environment.

Wang secured the prestigious award in support of her social venture, Six Foods (, an edible insect business that makes healthy, sustainable, and delicious food from cricket flour – “because six legs are better than four!” The Resolution Project provided Wang with her initial funding for the venture when she was awarded her Resolution Fellowship in 2013.  Building on growing enthusiasm for alternative sources of food and nutrition, and with catalytic support from The Resolution Project, Ms. Wang successfully launched Six Foods with several product lines and a catering business.  By encouraging mainstream consumption of insects, Ms. Wang is actively working to reduce the environmental degradation caused by livestock farming.

As an Echoing Green Fellow, Ms. Wang will receive up to $90,000 to further scale Six Foods, participate in leadership development, and access Echoing Green’s network.  As a lifetime Resolution Fellow, Ms. Wang also will continue to receive the hands-on dedicated mentoring that helped her to launch Six Foods, access to Resolution’s global network of experts and advisors, and support from a community of peers around the world who, like Ms. Wang, made the choice as undergraduates to start today in making a difference in the world. 

“This is a big day for Six Foods, and I’m so excited to be named an Echoing Green Fellow,” shared Ms. Wang.  “Resolution was one of the first organizations to believe in me, and its support and community helped me build Six Foods into something I couldn’t have even imagined a year ago.  I know that Echoing Green will be yet another supportive community that will help us reach that next level of growth.  I’m excited to continue on my path to greater social impact by introducing people to healthier and more sustainable foods.”

Resolution has created partnerships with dozens of social sector organizations to help its Fellows receive additional support along their pathway to action.  Working with these Pathway Partners, Resolution is helping to create a clearer, more structured chain of investors, supporters, and resources for emerging social entrepreneurs, as their ventures grow.  As part of this strategy, Resolution has worked with Echoing Green since 2013.  Resolution’s Chair & Co-Founder, Oliver Libby, remarked:  “Resolution helps young leaders launch new social ventures, and part of our thesis is that the social sector must join together to help these emerging social entrepreneurs.  Rose Wang’s selection as an Echoing Green Fellow is a wonderful moment for her, for the entire Resolution community, and for the idea that we must all work together to support young leaders taking action.”

About The Resolution Project
The Resolution Project is a unique pathway to action for aspiring young leaders committed to changing the world.  Resolution identifies and empowers undergraduate students around the world who wish to launch new social ventures, supported by Resolution’s global network of resources.  Resolution finds young social entrepreneurs through Social Venture Challenges and helps the winners of its competitions to make a positive impact today through Resolution Fellowships.  With over 220 Resolution Fellows in more than 50 countries on all 6 inhabited continents are working in diverse, high-impact fields such as water, food, sustainable development, education, energy and the environment, equality and empowerment, health and wellness, and humanitarian relief, Resolution is building a generation of leaders with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.  Please see our website for further information on our work.  The Resolution Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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