Resolution Fellow Feature: Getting to Know Juan Bol

A Resolution Fellow, One Young World Ambassador, and the Founder of PODER in Belize.

This month, The Resolution Project will host its third Social Venture Challenge at The One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia. We’re introducing six young leaders who became Resolution Fellows after winning the Resolution Social Venture Challenge at The One Young World Summit and are now implementing impactful ventures in their home communities.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Juan Bol and I am an undergraduate agricultural science student at EARTH University in Costa Rica, youth advocate, and Founder of a social venture called Program of Opportunities Development & Ethical Entrepreneurship.

What is the challenge your venture seeks to address?

PODER, a venture founded in 2015, aims to bridge the gap of poverty in Belize by striving to promote equal opportunities and empower indigenous and marginalized youth by working in partnership with existing organizations.

How is your venture addressing those challenges?

PODER has developed an approach for sustainable development and poverty reduction through its five established pillars; education, social responsibility, community participation, environmental awareness, and entrepreneurship. This incorporates sports, clubs, mentoring, donation of learning materials to primary schools and students, and youth activities that aim to promote social inclusion.

What have you achieved so far?

We have impacted the lives of more than 50 young people through in-kind contributions, and educational and social activities. PODER has contributed to schools by providing much-needed learning tools for a conducive learning environment. We have also created a gardening program and provided sporting equipment to young people in a remote community of Toledo. Finally, we donated solar lamps to a family to facilitate studying at night, since the community does not have electricity.

What does One Young World mean to you?

One Young World is a platform for learning, free expression and raising awareness of current global issues affecting youths and networking. To me, it is a global network that focuses on transformative leadership and promoting interactive discussions, providing an opportunity to become a successful leader.

What does The Resolution Project mean to you?

The Resolution Project is a community for social entrepreneurs, one that exposes tangible opportunities in bringing small ideas to light. It’s a platform for networking and support, which is essential to the success of my project and personal life.

What is the most valuable part of the Resolution Fellowship?

The most valuable part of the Resolution Fellowship is the Guide program — a one to one interaction with a professional that has a passion for supporting young people and can provide resources towards the success of one’s project.

What role do young leaders play in the world today?

Young people can play a key role today in a world of diversity, injustice, inequality and political exclusion, by building cooperation, and developing and advocating for strategies and policies that secure prosperous futures for all. Furthermore, young people can take more responsibility in leading action that will ensure social and political inclusion, access to free expression, security, and opportunities to build and lead societies out of poverty.

Why is it important for young people to focus on social impact?

To ensure a more sustained advocacy movement in solving the social problems they face. Young people’s involvement is essential to the development of effective projects and policies for the sustainable and economic development of a nation.

What are your goals for the future?

To establish a financially sound, legal, and transparent youth NGO in Belize; one that works with indigenous and marginalized groups towards sustainable development.

How is The Resolution Project helping you achieve your goals?

Through effective communication outreach from guides, constant moral support, and access to Resolution’s pro-bono programs.

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