Resolution Announces CGI U SVC Winners

Congratulations to our newest SVC winners:

Naveed Ahmed, Mohamed Amine Belarbi, Maryli Cheng, Sarah Cox, Prachiti Dalvi, Pranali Dalvi, Melissa Diamond, Dina Duré, Chad Fraga, Katie Guidera, Michael Gwede, Pablo Henning, Jim Jin, Aseya Kakar, Swetha Kotamraju, Jacquelin Meremable, Shilpa Mokshagundam, Linda Nkosi, Michael O’Connor, Michael Pereira, Brett Perl, Derrius Quarles, Sahadev Rai, Jesal Shah, Chazz Sims, Molly Simon, Daniel Sopdie, Sarah Van Buren, and Jose Saul Vasquez. 

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