Issue Area: Health & Wellness


Hydroquo+ will collect data from water pipes to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to efficiently treat non-potable water in Bangladesh’s poverty stricken residential areas.

Md Zahin Rohan Razeen

Razeen is the founder of Hydroquo+, an Artificial intelligence (AI) social enterprise that is leveraging AI and machine learning to clean and purify water in the urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Razeen is currently undertaking a double degree in mathematics and statistics at the University of Glascow. He enjoys reading science novels and is …

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Brendan Wang

Brendan is a student at Michigan State University studying supply chain management. He is on a mission to help people live happier, healthier, better lives through innovating to uplift people and the planet. He invented the Boka Band while in high school, which helps people achieve their goals by wearing them on their wrist. His …

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Jake Roach

Jake is an undergraduate student at the Michigan State University-Eli Broad School of Business. He plans to graduate in 2021 and is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Real estate investment Management. In high school, Jake owned and operated a car detailing company and managed 2 e-commerce dropshipping stores. In college, he wanted to …

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CAPNOS aims to help people breathe better with a safe alternative to vaping. The CAPNOS Zero satiates oral fixations by providing a pressurized hit of air along with a flavored mouth tip to provide a similar experience of vaping/smoking.


Neelika Chakrabarti and Sagar Menon of Citta will address student suicide in Mumbai, India by creating a safe space where students will learn to acknowledge their feelings, which are often ignored given the stigma attached to mental health. They hope to increase the use of therapy among adolescent students.

Sagar Menon

Sagar Menon is an engineering undergraduate who keeps a keen interest in research and tracking macroeconomic trends. He is an astute observer of the global socio-political landscape. Sagar keeps a keen interest in marketing and has led a team for the Google Online Marketing Challenge and was placed among the top 30 globally. He enjoys …

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Neelika Chakrabarti

Neelika Chakrabarti is a third-year Computer Science student at MPSTME, NMIMS University. An avid MUNnerand debater, she has had the honor of representing India at Harvard World MUN(Montreal and Spain)and has been the second runner-up at the Harvard youth leadership conference. She was also the founding member of TedxVileParle.She was the Research and Development head …

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Igem uses earthenware water pots to trap debris, viruses, and waterborne pathogens to provide clean drinking water to households without the addition of any substances or chemicals.

Judith Lurit-Michael Lawrence

Judith is committed to identifying her community’s most pressing issues and dedicating herself to the identification of unique and efficient solutions to problems that she stands for. Judith is always in the search for cost-effective ways of ensuring lasting solutions to challenges such as health care problems and peace advocacy problems in her country and …

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